Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Crop top revolution

What exactly is the function of a crop top?
Do they cover your skin? No not really.
Do they keep you warm? Barely.
Can only thin girls wear them and feel good about themselves? Yeah, pretty much.
Are they seriously on trend right now? Yes.
Is that why you should wear one? Yes.

To me, the crop top is an ode to the thin, young and confident. I bought one recently off Missguided.com and I feel that I can only wear it with high waisted shorts or skirts because my midriff is not something I feel comfortable sharing. Yet so many girls today (especially at festivals) wear the crop top with the scraggly shorts for what purpose? I went to a festival in May and I wore jeans, a velvet top and a flower crown. I was complimented by a passer by that my flower crown was nice but do you ever see someone compliment another girl about how nice their crop top looks with their teeny shorts? I don't think so, or at least I've never seen it.

Sure, people like Cara Delevingne and Miley Cyrus can get away with it but does that mean everybody can? Should there be the expectation to show your midriff in order to look good?
To me it seems the fashion trends of the 90s are back and girls are quickly adopting the space buns, holographic bags and black wedged heels but is it for personal style or to stay on trend?

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