Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Fashion Trends of 2014

The Choker

According to Buzzfeed, the choker began in 1798 during the French Revolution. Back then the choker was more than a fashion accessory as women honoured the beheaded by wearing a red ribbon around their necks.

Fast forward to the 1890s where the choker was a pretty clear sign your lady was a call girl. Evidence for this: Manet's Olympia (1863).

Then towards the late 1800s the choker marked the high class lady as a major fashion accessory.

It faded a bit not really coming back until the 1940s marketed as 'dog collars.'

THEN THE 90S HAPPENED. No explanations necessary.

Then fairly recently Rihanna started wearing them, then fashion week thought it was a thing so they started doing it and now their everywhere and I feel like my daggy childhood is coming back to haunt me.


This is something I never thought would come back. Like seriously, its not particularly nice.

Yet it has appeared on the catwalk so it must be something thats in right now. There are websites like this.

The tartan has had quite a controversial history. Tartan isn't just a Scottish thing, it has actually been traced back to Central Europe and found on mummies in China from around 3000 BCE.

Yet in 1746 the Scots were out of control and in a desperate attempt to regain control the Brits freaked out and completely banned the tartan kilt and if you were caught wearing one you'd end up in orange or on the next boat outta there. In 1782 balance was restored and the tartan was reclaimed as a proud military and aristocratic symbol.

Tartan didn't come back until the 1970s as a symbol of punk rebellion and hard core everything. It was the opposite to what the Scots and Brits decided it was going to be way back when even though it was the Brits who started this whole punk thing. But the tartan punk look was pretty great which is probably why its come back today.

Yin Yang Everything

The Yin Yang (YY) symbol in the last year has been incorporated in virtually everything. Pants, skirts, tops, dresses, bags, all modes of jewellery, shoes, manicures and tattoos.

The YY symbol is a pretty prominent symbol of the right now yet it is actually a symbol of ancient Chinese philosophy all the way back to the 3rd century BCE. Its meaning is fairly simple yet I reckon that anyone who has ever worn a YY symbol have no clue or interest into its philosophical meaning.

It is the idea that all things exist in inseparable binary oppositions. E.g. male/female, dark/light, old/young or in this case black/white. These oppositions contradict and lie opposite each other with each having a central core of the other half which are represented by the small dots. The YY symbol is connected to Taoists and Confucianists as a core of Chinese philosophy, not just as a fashion accessory.

Chunky Shoes

Another 90s trend floating its way back to the 2014 surface, chunky shoes are seriously so hot right now that I'm questioning whether they will ever fade again.

The Windsor Smith, Doc Marten, Lipstik, Jelly Sandal, velcro sandal, rubber sole shoe are back from the dead. Well the jelly, velcro, rubber ones are anyway. Doc Martens have been around forever but it wasn't until the manufacture of Windsor Smith's Lily shoe that chunky sandal heels were really back.

As Fashion Tag describes it "how in the name of God have we managed to go ballistic over the ugliest shoes in the history of fashion?" As much as I don't to believe this it is irresistibly true. Some chunky shoes are ugly as fuck yet look cute as heck with the perfect outfit.

Now with all these combined you are now ready to take on the world with your gigantic shoes, symbolism, criss crossed colours and restraining necklaces. You go girl show em who's boss.

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